– Microsoft Office needs a Microsoft Account if you want to use all the features of the Product. Only after, the user will be able to create, edit and delete any data or file using the Microsoft Office.

You can also use the Microsoft Account as your default mailing host. You just need to to the Microsoft Outlook using the email address and password. If you wish to know about the steps to create a new Microsoft Account and steps to, then read this article.

13  Steps for Microsoft Account Sign In

To get a new Microsoft Account, follow these steps. In case you already have a Microsoft Account then you can skip this part and go to the Sign In steps.

  1. Start by checking the internet connection on your device.
  2. You can use any of these devices to create a new Microsoft account, PC, Mac, Android or iOS.
  3. Terminate all other application running on your computer device.
  4. Open a compatible version of a web browser on your device.
  5. On the URL section, type and hit the enter key.
  6. Click on the Sign In button in the middle of the web page.
  7. You will be redirected to Microsoft Sign In page. As you need to create a new account, click on “Create One!” button.
  8. Now you can create a Microsoft Account by two methods. Either by creating a new username or by using your mobile number as username.
  9. Choose the method of your choice. If you go for creating a new username as email address then make sure the username is unique.
  10. If the username already exists then you will be asked to create a new username.
  11. Click Next when you are ready with a new username. On the next step, you will be asked to create a password for your account.
  12. Enter the password and click on Create Account button.
  13. You will get an email welcoming to your new Microsoft Account.

Now you have successfully created a Microsoft Account. For the steps to sign in to the account, follow these steps.

  • Open the web browser, on the URL section type
  • Click on Sign In button in the middle of your web page.
  • Enter your email address or mobile number and click Next.
  • Type your password and click Sign In to get into your Microsoft Account.

These 9 steps to Activate Office using Microsoft Account

You need to have a Microsoft Account in order to activate the license of the Office product that you have purchased. Follow these steps to activate the Microsoft Office on your device.

  1. Once you have purchased the Office you must download the Office. Visit for details.
  2. After the downloading, install Office by following the steps of the Installer.
  3. Only after the installation is done, you will be able to activate it.
  4. For the activation process, you will need a good internet connection on your computer.
  5. After establishing the internet connection, open any Office application on your device.
  6. The Microsoft Office Activation Wizard will automatically appear on your device, asking for the Office Activation.
  7. Choose the recommended method to activate the Office, “Activate Microsoft Office over the internet”.
  8. In case your Microsoft Office is not logged in using a Microsoft Account then you will be prompted to Sign In prior than the Activation Wizard.
  9. Complete the Activation by following the instructions of the Wizard.

After successful activation of Office, you will be able to use Microsoft Office on your device.

Microsoft Office and Applications

If you wish to know about the Office and its application to purchase a product that will be more productive according to your demand then read the list given below.

  • On your web browser visit
  • Click on the Products tab in the header section of the web page.
  • The different product will be displayed from where you can choose.
  • There will be Office 365 Home, Office 365 Student, Office 365 Business and other standalone applications.
  • You can also check the price of different products and install them.

If you want guidance to purchase the Office on your computer. Then we can help you with your issue. Call us at the toll-free number for assistance. You can also talk to a technician by calling at this number to get your issues related to Microsoft Office fixed.

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