Microsoft Office Login – When it comes to using the Microsoft Office, we suggest you, link the Office with the Microsoft Account. In this way, your subscription and all the activity can be tracked using the Account. For more details read the article and get Microsoft Office on your device now.

Microsoft Office Login




Microsoft Office Login

Importance of having a Microsoft Account

When using a Microsoft product especially the Office 365, you must a Microsoft Account. It helps you with ways which we are going to discuss the list below.

  • All you Microsoft Products and application can be managed, updated, renewed at one place that is Microsoft Office Account.
  • GBs of free cloud storage using the OneDrive when you log yourself in using the Microsoft Account.
  • All your settings will move with you. This means all your settings related to the previous device will move to next device as you Microsoft Office Login to the new device.
  • Microsoft Account leads to a fluid and seamless user experience when using the Microsoft standalone applications like Skype, Office 365, and Outlook.
  • To get started will all these features you just need to create a Microsoft Account and Microsoft Office Login on the device and application.

Follow 10 steps to login Microsoft Office account ?

Now you know about the benefits of having a Microsoft Account. Then start by creating a Microsoft Office Account and then Microsoft Office Login to your various applications.

  1. Check the internet connection on your device. Also, complete the updates available on your device.
  2. Restart the computer and open a web browser when it turns on.
  3. Go to the Microsoft Office Login page on the browser.
  4. As you are creating a new account then click on Create an Account button. Otherwise, you can skip to signing in steps as you already have a Microsoft Account.
  5. Create a username for your Microsoft Account and choose the domain name from “” or “”.
  6. If you get the error message saying that the username already exists then try another username. Click Next.
  7. Then it is time to create a strong password for your Microsoft Account using a special character, lowercase, and uppercase alphabets.
  8. Click on Create Account. Your Microsoft Account is created.
  9. To verify the account, sign in to the newly created account. Use the email address and password, you have just created.
  10. The Microsoft will ask you enter more personal details and upgrade the security of the Account.

Once you are done with all these steps, you can Microsoft Office Login whenever you want.

Microsoft Office Login Error

While creating a Microsoft Account or during the process of Microsoft Office Login, the user may face a few errors. This may be due to many technical and non-technical reasons. If you are one of such user then we can help you fix the login issue.

  • In case you have forgotten the password of your Microsoft Account, we can help you retrieve it.
  • If your device is showing error while trying to reach the Microsoft Office Login page, we can scan your device for potential error.
  • If your antivirus or security service is causing trouble while working with Microsoft Account.

For all these issues and more, you can call us at the toll-free number for We can help you contact a certified technician to get to the bottom of the error. In this way, your device and data will be protected and you will be able to use the Microsoft Office.